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GOST Certification Center is an Authorized representative of Russian GOSSTANDART. We cooperate with Russian GOSSANEPIDNADZOR, Russian GOSSTROJ, Russian GOSGORTECHNADZOR and Russian Ministry of Health. It entitles us to certificate products and services according to the GOST norms. We help in obtaining:
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gosstroy certificate

GOSSTROY Certificate

Permit of GOSGORTECHNADZOR of Russia is required for the products which are classified as potential dangerous. That certificate confirms that production meets russian standards and norms.

Permit of GOSGORTECHNADZOR for products imported to Russia can be issued only by Russian Federal Services of Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision- Rostechnadzor (RTN) in Moscow.

To get RTN permission, complete documentation review must be conducted by accredited Rostechnadzor agency. That survey included following areas:
  • Project safety: project, materials and calculation validation.
  • Service safety: instruction of maintenance and repair, control systems, hydraulics etc.
  • Environment safety: leak control, electric and ventilation safety etc.
If expertise is positive it means that products meet russian norms and standards and document is being passed to the Rostechnadzor office with request of issuing the permission.

If expertise is negative it means that products don't meet russian norms and standards. Permission can still be issued but with annotation of restriction. Decision about issuing is take only by Rostechnadzor.

Expectancy time depends on complexity of a product, but shouldn't be longer than 3 months once all necessary documents are delivered. Process of expertise and registration in Rostechnadzor should take maximum 2 months.
If You have any questions about Fire Safety Certificate please contact / call our experts. They will provide You complete and detailed information about Fire Safety Certificate. You may also read FAQ about gosstroy certificate.


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