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GOST Certification Center is an Authorized representative of Russian GOSSTANDART. We cooperate with Russian GOSSANEPIDNADZOR, Russian GOSSTROJ, Russian GOSGORTECHNADZOR and Russian Ministry of Health. It entitles us to certificate products and services according to the GOST norms. We help in obtaining:
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technical regulations conformity certification

NEW Technical Regulations Conformity Certification.

On 15 February 2013 entered into force the technical regulations of the Customs Union "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means", which relate to the technical equipment produced in the territory of the members of the Customs Union. There was established uniform requirements for audio and video receivers, chargers etc., which are capable of producing or are dependent on electromagnetic interference (magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic) to ensure safe use.

technical regulations conformity certification

List of technical devices, which are subject to confirmation of compatibility by certificate:

    Electrical equipment and supplies for everyday use:

  • To prepare and storage of food;
  • For ironing, washing, drying, cleaning clothes and footwear;
  • For cleaning of premises;
  • Sanitary and hygienic equipment;
  • Air conditioners;
  • To hair, skin and nails care;
  • For heating;
  • For massage;
  • Sports, coaching and playing equipment;
  • Audio and video devices;
  • The equipment for sewing and knitting;
  • Power supplies, battery charges, voltage regulators;
  • For garden activities;
  • Electric pumps;
  • Lighting equipment;
  • Automatic switches with electronics;
  • Circuit breakers with electronics;
  • Arc welding equipment.
  • Personal computers.
    Equipment connected to a personal computer.

  • Printers;
  • Monitors;
  • Scanners;
  • Emergency power supply;
  • AC powered loudspeakers;
  • Multimedia projectors.
  • Power tools (manual and portable).
    Musical instruments:

    The types of the technical devices, passive in relation to electromagnetic compatibility, which are not subject to the these technical regulations of the Customs Union:

    Cables, wires, wiring harness.
    Technical equipment, containing only resistive load, without automatic switches, such as electric heaters without thermostats and fans.
    Electric batteries and accumulators and equipment supplied by them without active electronics.
    Headphones and loudspeakers without the boost feature.
    Safety equipment, creating a temporary electromagnetic interference of short duration (much less than 1 second) as a result of short circuit or fault in the electrical circuit, without fuses with active electronic components.
    High-voltage equipment, in which the electromagnetic interference can be caused only by local defects in the insulation (for example, high voltage inductors, transformers), provided that these devices do not contain any active electronic components.
    Capacitors, for example regulating the power factor.
    Quartz watches (without additional features such as radio).
    Incandescent bulbs.
    Plugs, sockets, fuses, switches and circuit breakers without active electronics.
    Passive antennas for the radio and television.

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