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GOST Certification Center is an Authorized representative of Russian GOSSTANDART. We cooperate with Russian GOSSANEPIDNADZOR, Russian GOSSTROJ, Russian GOSGORTECHNADZOR and Russian Ministry of Health. It entitles us to certificate products and services according to the GOST norms. We help in obtaining:
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Hygienic conclusion for Ukraine

Hygienic conclusion (Ukrainian Sanitary Epidemiological Certificate)

Sanitary-epidemiologic certificate confirms that the production meets Ukrainian hygienic norms and standards. That document is issued by Sanitary-epidemiological units, on a base of production expertise, documents and inspection reports. Sanitary-epidemiologic certificate is valid for 2 Years (depends on production type, production conditions, documentation and specialist who considers given case). Sanitary epidemiological certificate confirms that proper Ukrainian Departments allowed on production or importation of certificated goods so they meet Ukrainian standards. That document officially confirms that products are not harmful to human health.

Sanitary epidemiological certificate as well as UKRSepro certificate is being checked by Ukrainian customs officer and commercial inspector. It is issued by Federal Service of Supervision of Consumer's Rights and Goods Protection- the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "On approval of the interim order of the state sanitary inspection" governing the conduct of examination and issuance of a hygienic certificate.

If You have any questions about Ukrainian Sanitary Epidemiological Certificate (Food safety certification) please contact / call our experts. They will provide You complete and detailed information about Sanitary Epidemiological Certificate. You may also read Ukrainian Sanitary Epidemiological Certificate FAQ.


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