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GOST-TR Certification Center is an Authorized representative of Russian GOSSTANDART. We cooperate with Russian GOSSANEPIDNADZOR, Russian GOSSTROJ, Russian GOSGORTECHNADZOR and Russian Ministry of Health. It entitles us to certificate products and services according to the GOST-TR norms. We help in obtaining:
  • Russian certification GOST-TR for serial production.
  • Certification for one delivery in GOST-TR system.
  • Health and hygiene certificate - GosSanEpidNadzor.
  • Certificate of Russian Gosstroj for building constructions.
  • EurAsEc certificate.
  • Certificate GosGorTehNadzor - Industrial safety.
EurAsEc certificate

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  Questions and answers

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What is certification GOST-TR?

GOST is the valid quality certification system in Russian Federation. ( With the other words, it is called GOST-R Certification) GOST is very important for Russian companies and exporters to the Russia and carries the same meaning of ISO 9000 series certificates for the western companies. GOST-TR is the approved quality indicator for Russia.

Certification GOST-TR is not only engaged with the quality management of the subject company, but also focused the products of it. With the other words, to obtain of this certificates the tests of samples are necessary. These test are made on accredited laboratories by GOSSTANDARD. ( Russian Governmental Standards Organization) According to these tests the certificates are given to the willing company.

Who is authorized to obtain these certificates?

The authorization of Certification is applied to Russian Governmental Standards (GOSSTANDART) and other accredited specialized Certification Organs and accredited Test Laboratories. For obtaining of these certificates, the production system analysis and the products of related company should be checked  and investigated for the conformity of Russian norms by the authorized auditors. Also you will need to present some official documents, confirming production quality, and samples of products. Production will be tested accordingly Russian Federation standards of quality. The Certificate Organs are under strict control of GOSSTANDART that is why all the documents and products are carefully tested. These Organs are situated mainly in Moscow; each Organ has its own area, where it can make Certification.

The Certification Organs are entitled to give Certificates only for the products, belonging to their accredited area. For example, Organs for food Certification cannot give a Certificate for textile products. To get a Certificate for textile products, you will need to apply to Organ entitled for this type of Certification; they should have inspectors on textile products and Test Laboratories.

What do you need Certification GOST-TR for?

If you are going to arrange export to Russia, you will need this Certificate. Here European ISO 9000 is not valid yet, and the only official standard is GOST-R - most well-known and popular among customers.
Usually Certificate is necessary for two cases: 1. customs office 2. Realisation of products at Russian market. This Certificate is announced as the necessary document for customs at crossing the boarder and for wholesale stores if tax inspection is taken place. That is why Russian organizations and export-companies cannot work with non-certified products. The Certificate for building materials is also one of the necessary conditions for the object to be accepted by government commission. Certificate for equipment should be made for every factory or plant and service organisations.

Is this the requirement of Russian Customs?

Yes. On October 1, 2000 Russian Governmental Customs committee issued an order that Certificate of Conformity is needed for some of exported products and equipments. However, not all the products have to be certified - the list of the products, where Certification is not necessary, is published by Governmental Customs committee every half of the year. "Letter of Refusement" is required for such products, it is issued by a special Certification Institute.

Is this Certificate valid in other CIS countries?

Russian Certificate is valid also in Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan. Till the middle of 80-th there was general GOSSTANDART in our country, and it was used by all the republics of ex-USSR. Now many of them continue to work with some standards from that period and Russian Certificate still has a very big value here.
However, Russian GOST-TR Certificates is not valid in Ukraine! They have own system called UkrSEPRO.
All Russian and foreign manufactures, making products on the territory of CIS and Baltic countries, have to get Certificates for their products and equipment.

How Certificate can be used ?

You will make copies of the Certificate original, than you will set there your company seal and write "true copy". Now you can use these copies at Russian market - for wholesalers and customers. Original-copy of Certificate is necessary for Russian customs - this is a copy, approved by Russian notary or at Russian consulate abroad. The Certificate is accurately checked at Russian customs, as well in shops and wholesale stores. Sometimes in Russian customs there is chemical contents verification - and for these purposes we have a Hygienic Certificate, issued by SES (sanitary epidemical station).

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