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GOST Certification Center is an Authorized representative of Russian GOSSTANDART. We cooperate with Russian GOSSANEPIDNADZOR, Russian GOSSTROJ, Russian GOSGORTECHNADZOR and Russian Ministry of Health. It entitles us to certificate products and services according to the GOST norms. We help in obtaining:
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  Questions and answers

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  Questions and answers

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What does it mean Fire Certificate ?

Fire Certificate is required for some products and equipment and is issued mostly after checking their burning level. Products which required Fire Certificate are for example mineral wool, electric cables, fire-fighting equipment, fireproof doors, home appliances etc.

To get Certificate of Conformity for that products, first you need to get Fire Certificate.

What documents should be prepared by the company before the inspection ?

The main reason, why Russian Experts are visiting your company is checking the stable of production process.

Analysis of production for GOST-R certificate is similar to analysis which is done for ISO 9000 Certificate. Copies of following documents are required:

1. General information about company (yearly production volume, entire territory of production, number of staff in each department etc.)
2. Registration documents of the company
3. Approved registration document for trade mark,
4. Copy of ISO 9000 Certificate or local Certificate of quality, normative documents with standards for products,
5. Description of incoming row-materials control procedure and its issues,
6. Description of production process control for each operation,
7. Description of completed production quality control and its issues,
8. List of main suppliers and their Quality Certificates and Declarations,
9. Organization chart of the company (person responsible for quality should report to the General Director of the company).
10. Program of maintenance and repairing of the main equipment for the production. That documents should include: name of the machinery, trade mark, country of origin, maintenance period, future maintenance and repairing time.
11. Program of the calibration of measuring instruments and equipment. That documents should include: Name of the equipment, place of use, trade mark, country of origin, calibration period, future calibration time. Accredited Certificates of calibration organization and related reports should be added to this program.
12. User manuals, guarantee labels, stickers, etc. should be copied and prepared.

I have ISO 9000 Certificate or CE Sign - is it enough ?

Unfortunately, not! Even if you have a translation of this Certificate into Russian, it is not valid in FR. Here the only official Certificate is GOST-R, Hygienic Certificate and Fire Certificate. At the moment ISO 9000 is very important and helps in obtaining russian certificates but can not replace them.

I have neither ISO 9000 nor any other quality certificate, nevertheless may I obtain russian certification GOST for my products ?

To get GOST-R Certificate ISO 9000 is not obligatory so any manufacturer can get Russian Certificate of Conformity. But if you already have ISO 9000, it will be easier for you to prepare all the information for russian certification GOST, because similar documents are required.

For GOST-R Certificate it makes no odds how many people is working in the company.

What does it mean Hygienic Certificate ?

Hygienic Certificate is issued by specialized Laboratories, accredited in Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, after checking products in terms of poison, chemical contents etc. Products which required sanitary-epidemiological certificate are for example food, hygienic products, cosmetics and cloths. To get Certificate of Conformity for that products, first you need to get Hygienic Certificate.

What is the "Annual Inspection"? When is it executed ?

Accordingly to Russian Federation legislation, "Annual Inspection" is required for all companies which posses GOST-R certificate for serial production for 3 years. Inspection is not obligatory when certificate is issued for 1 year or for a single delivery.

Company-manufacturer covers all the expenses of inspectors visit, sending samples and laboratory tests. These conditions are included in separate contact, signing after Certificate is given. The Certificate of Conformity can be cancelled if the company refused to arrange annual inspection. In this case, accredited Certification Organ sends letters to Government Customs Committee (GTK) and GOSSTANDART and notifies about termination of the Certificate. It means that Certificate cannot be used any more on the territory of Russia.

KCCP will get Certificate for your company as well as will help You with arranging Annual Inspection.



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