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EAC mark, GOST mark, CUTR mark Russia EAC mark, GOST mark, CUTR mark RussiaCertification gost
GOST Certification Center is an Authorized representative of Russian GOSSTANDART. We cooperate with Russian GOSSANEPIDNADZOR, Russian GOSSTROJ, Russian GOSGORTECHNADZOR and Russian Ministry of Health. It entitles us to certificate products and services according to the GOST norms. We help in obtaining:
EAC mark CTR mark Russia.

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Russian declaration of conformity GOST-R

EAC mark. The Russian declaration of conformity GOST-R.

The Russian declaration of conformity GOST-R is an official document attesting the quality of the goods, namely, the procedure for declaration of conformity is a process of confirming the quality. The document is a declaration of official document required in respect of a number of groups of goods. The procedure declaration is a form of compulsory confirmation of quality, like the mandatory certification of products. The issue of mandatory declaration of conformity is laid down by the Federal technical regulation and metrology in the document entitled "Nomenclature of goods, compliance of which can be confirmed by the declaration of conformity."

EAC mark declaration of conformity Russia

The declaration of conformity GOST CUTR may be issued only to a manufacturer or supplier whose national status of a legal person or an individual entrepreneur registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The declaration of conformity must be compulsorily registered at an accredited certification body, which first checks the documentation submitted in support of the declaration. Russian companies, which are listed in the declaration, should be responsible for the products quality within Russian Federation, and is bounded to accept claims, complaints and appeals related to the quality all the information specified in the Declaration is sole responsibility of the manufacturer/supplier.

Therefore, along with the Declaration of Conformity GOST, we strongly recommend to undergo a Voluntary Certification procedure, the responsibility for which lies with the issuing authority. Voluntary Certification can be used along with other documents used as the evidence base. This is the best way forward, because all the relevant information will be accurate, as it will be checked by the experts within the Certification Authority while issuing of Voluntary Certificates of the product.

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